Digital X-rays

Using the latest technology allows Dr. LaRock to provide modern care with the old-fashioned feel of the family dentist of yesterday. Digital X-rays are a keystone of our practice since our team focuses on preventative care

While we always aim to minimize diagnostics to what’s necessary, we do need to take at least one set of X-rays per year for each patient. Using digital X-rays rather than the traditional kind whenever we can offer our patients several benefits while providing the dentists with high-quality images. We can examine your jaw and tooth condition in detail with targeted X-rays or get a picture of overall health.

Why Digital X-Rays?

Digital X-rays work similarly to digital photography. Instead of using traditional film exposure, these X-ray systems use a digital system to capture a high-quality image with only a fraction of the radiation. If you need multiple X-rays over the course of a year to keep an eye on a changing dental condition, using the digital kind will protect your long-term health. Traditional X-rays may still be needed in some instances, but our team can use digital imaging in most cases, especially for annual checkups.

Using a digital system for dental imaging also benefits our team. Dr. LaRock produces higher quality images using this kind of updated equipment, resulting in pinpoint accuracy when diagnosing certain conditions. It’s easier to catch faint signs of jaw or tooth damage, allowing for faster and more responsive care to head off a problem before you even feel it. 

The digital files produced by this type of imaging are also easier to store and retrieve as needed, ensuring we can always compare your current X-rays to those of years gone by. 

For all these reasons and more, choose LaRock Dental for your oral health needs.

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