A naturally occurring mineral found in drinking water and many different foods, fluoride is essential to strong teeth. It’s not always easy to get enough, even when using toothpaste that contains fluoride and eating a well-rounded diet. 

Our dental team provides fluoride treatments to concentrate the amount you’re getting for remineralization of the teeth. Without proper absorption and replacement of calcium and other minerals in the teeth, they’ll grow weaker over time. Embrace the power of fluoride, and let us determine if this kind of treatment could help prevent cavities and other decay in your future.

Is Fluoride Safe?

Even when applied in concentrated doses in the dentist’s office, this mineral is relatively safe and has few risks. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of drinking it in your water, you can always rely on professional treatments in the office to ensure you’re only exposed to the right level of it for oral health. 

The amount of fluoride found in food and toothpaste, when used properly, will only support good health. Don’t avoid it out of fear that it might cause unspecific health problems when that avoidance could weaken your teeth and leave them at risk for cavities.

What Are the Benefits of Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride offers protection to the teeth by encouraging the body to restore the health of the teeth. It’s possible to reverse the earliest stages of decay with a concentrated application, while everyday use of the right toothpaste builds enamel strength. This reduces attacks from acids and bacteria.

With a thorough fluoride treatment now and then, your teeth will remain much stronger and resistant to cavities for years to come. It’s also convenient to boost the health of your teeth directly just through the application of a concentrated form of fluoride.

Who Usually Gets Fluoride Treatments?

Adults and children tend to receive fluoride treatments if needed here at LaRock Dental. While some people assume they’re only for children, they’re useful for anyone in need of strengthening and decay resistance, much like sealants. As a form of proactive preventative dentistry, fluoride treatments are often offered to all the members of a family at the same time if they’ve all been getting less than the recommended dose of this mineral.

This treatment is primarily recommended for anyone who lives in an area without fluoridated water. Using toothpaste with fluoride and eating a rich diet with plenty of minerals will only provide you with some of the fluoride needed for strong teeth. Direct application of the mineral can help address any gaps without the need to change your home water supply.

How Often Do I Need Fluoride?

The benefits of fluoride treatment can last between a few months to a few years. As with sealants, the dentist will determine when you need a repeat treatment. It requires only a quick application of a liquid treatment and then rinsing, so it can easily be added to routine cleaning and exam appointments. The fluoride can only be applied after a professional cleaning so it has a chance to absorb fully into the teeth.

If it’s been a few years since your last fluoride treatment, we may need to apply more here at LaRock Dental. Drop by our Manchester office for an appointment to discover if your teeth could be stronger with a single application.

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